Welcome to Smiling Wellness

Health+Mind+Life Coach

Seri Johnson is a Compassionate Coach guiding Artists & Creative Humans to embrace the art of getting REAL with food & emotions -releasing Mental blocks to feel energized, empowered & inspired. Yep-that means showing up in the world more authentically. 

Smiling Wellness Branches

Healthy Body

We've been gifted ONE body, one vessel in which to experience & relish our existence on this earth.  Isn't it about time to give your body the respect it deserves?  A healthy body begins by fueling with REAL food, eating intuitively to understand what diet allows you to be your best energetic self.

Happy Mind

Learn how to use your mind so your mind does not use you.  Release & let go of limiting & disempowering thoughts & beliefs, to open new doors of growth, change & positive thinking.  Shifts in perspective & connecting to your inner wisdom (your personal GPS) empowers you to be your best, connected self. 

Living Inspired

Imagine approaching life from a place of love, contentedness & joy.  Build a foundation of meaning, honoring desires & connecting to your life purpose.  Identifying & clarifying soul driven ventures, allows you to share your personal gifts with the world.  Your deserve a fantastic life.  You matter. 

Introduction Video

  • I created this video as a peek into my personality as it's nice to get to know your  health coach a bit. I talk a little bit about Neuro-Linguistic programming here too.  With a background in theatre, I shared some thespian moments to enhance my discussion of Smiling Wellness.