Radio Interviews

Yes/No Response


Do you know what your personal Yes/No response is or what it feels like?  Maybe you will learn.  Have a listen to this condensed radio interview (19:02 minutes) from July 16, 2019 

Understand Your Mind


A conversation about NLP and the power of how our thoughts create our reality.  Do you know how powerful you are?  (17:29 minutes) from August 27, 2019 

Embracing Change


Are you ready to learn a little bit about change.  Click the link to hear condensed radio interview (13:26 minutes) from August 6, 2019.  

Video Showcase

I worked with this wonderful Coach Brett Williams of Life with Options in Mid 2018.   I enjoyed doing this as my first video interview on October 25, 2018.  I had knee surgery the day prior, so I was a bit out of it, but wanted to commit to my appointment.  Enjoy.