Welcome to my Happy Kitchen

Looking Good. Cooking Good.....

I love to play in the kitchen.  My language of love is "Acts of Service," So sharing my cooking and creating simple meals is a daily highlight for me.  I like food to look pretty, not take a gazillion hours to prepare and of course taste amazing.  I believe that the way for our bodies to feel the best is to eat food that is closer to nature and less processed.  I have been plant based for a while now and am so at peace with everything that I put in my mouth.  It has taken me years to settle in on a way of eating that allowed me to feel full, satisfied and healthfully connected in mind, body and soul.   I was once a food addict and now, my friends, I am am a real food advocate freely sharing the joy of food.  I believe that what I choose to put on my plate is the foundation for living a vibrant life.