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Step into your Happy Body

90 Day "Happy Body-Energy Transformation"

  • Imagine the awe of tuning into your amazing intuitive body, full of wisdom to unlock YOUR true energy and creative personal power.  Step into your Happy body and your Happy Mind as you learn to eat life giving foods, discover new ways to look at life and create new long-lasting habits to bring you what you desire most in life.  This program is great for people feeling disconnected from their own bodies & seeking a reintroduction to body attentiveness serving as a physical reboot or a mental reset.  


  • 12-1 hour weekly sessions (phone or video)  
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Personal Action plan for your unique life  
  • Nutrition Nuggets News/Videos  
  • Snappy Happy Recipes 
  • Understanding Real foods vs food stuff
  • Gift at the start & end of commitment
  • Bonus Session-use as desired  

13 Session "Happy Body Energy Transformation"-$699 

(3 payments of $233) 


Save 15% savings with one time investment of $595

Embrace the Happy Mind

Life Coaching (Toe Dip or Deep Dive)

  • Hit a temporary speed bump along your road of life? Try a mental recalibration & reframe to get you back on balance-heading down your happy desired path. Allow Smiling Wellness to be your Mind Mentor asking the right questions for better clarification & how to get unstuck & move forward toward your unique life goals.
  • Discuss a challenging relationship
  • Let off steam about coworker
  • Brainstorm about a new job path
  • Formulate a creative plan
  • Clarify a Goal 
  • Discuss disempowering belief 
  • Reframe challenges into Opportunities 

Complimentary Clarity Conversation

3 session "Toe Dip" package-$175
13 Session "Deep Dive"-$699 

(3 payments of $233) 


Save 15% savings with one time investment of $595

Happy Body Extras


  • Let's spend the afternoon together.  Let's swing open your refrigerator & pantry doors & have a look inside. Get curious!!  Cut the excuses & get real about what's in your kitchen: The good, the bad & the downright not fantastic.  Let's create for you a proactive plan to clear out low vibration foods & mind clutter to consciously swap & upgrade your choices for a happier kitchen & body.
  • 2 hours of focused kitchen time
  • Healthy Pantry Upgrade Handout
  • Discussion of Common Food Additives
  • Create plan to swap & upgrade your choices

Investment $125

Email to schedule a time 

(Twin Cities Metro Area Only) 

Happy Mind Development


  • NLP is understanding how the human mind works & through the use of many techniques, we are able to release limiting patterns, behaviors & old programs by reprogramming (upgrading) the mind to run more efficiently.
  • Negative emotions & limiting beliefs are  learned & stored in the unconscious & tend to have a stronger pull than the conscious mind.  
  • Often times, humans have no idea why & how they do the behaviors they do.  NLP allows clients to see & understand the mind to release the limiting thoughts to create a more emotionally balanced life.
  • NLP Techniques are meant to be performed in person.  Each Session is unique dependent on what type of experience is being addressed.  

Complimentary Intro Session

75 minute in person Session for Twin Cities Locals

EMAIL for rates/schedule 

Isn't it time to Feed your Happy Mind, Body and Soul for a more energized joyous existence??

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