"I had lost momentum in career, health & personal priorities.  I was struggling to get back on track.  I was raised to believe, “If I just work hard enough, I can do anything!”  Well, working harder wasn’t helping!  I needed new ideas, new strategies, new thinking.  Put quite simply, working with Seri was an invaluable “re-set button”."


"I love myself today! Not because I dropped 5 pounds, or because my skin cleared up, or because I have more energy, sleep better, can cook many different meals (YES all those things DID HAPPEN!) but because I learned how to respect my body, mind and spirit from the INSIDE."


"During my 90 Day Energy Transformation I learned just how much power and energy I have wrapped up and where it is in my body, where I am lacking satisfaction in my life, how important it is to trust the physical signs of my body to make better decisions and how I need to speak my truth."


"I am not completely transformed. In my opinion, we never are.  We are constant works-in-progress. We never know what life will throw us & how it will change us.  But I feel armed with new information, motivation, support, & excitement to fuel my body and mind with healthier choices."


" Her cheerfulness and genuine personality made me feel confident in challenging areas that were continually visiting me and guided me to make big transformations like truly honoring my body’s needs, adjusting my views toward food choices and the power of positive thinking."


"It was an opportunity to focus on my daily habits, expand my mundane food choices and instill new philosophies on how I view my health in mind body and spirit.  I loved the accountability each week.  I valued the goal setting sessions and I loved that one hour for 12 weeks where I unabashedly got to focus on ME and MY successes, not matter how big or small."

Happy Ovations


 When I first reached out to Smiling Wellness, I was looking for a sustainable way to clean up my diet and to start moving my body with some sort of regularity. Soon after meeting with Seri for the first time, I began to realize that what I really needed was much deeper than that. Over the course of years battling depression, anxiety, and past trauma, I was not only completely exhausted, but I was dedicating an enormous amount of brain space to hating the person I was inside and out. It became clear that what I really needed from my time with Seri was a way to clear my head and start embracing the person I am, not the person I thought I should be. We had weekly sessions that I started calling “therapy lite”. With Seri’s guidance and thoughtful questioning, I was able to see that what I had thought of as weaknesses were actually my strengths and abilities, like my own personal super powers. After a few months of working together, one day all the pieces fell into place. I stopped in my tracks and said, “What if I just decided to love myself?” I haven’t looked back since. Without Seri’s coaching, I don’t think I would have been able to shift my perspective. Her positive energy is infectious and she knows how to use it to draw out the best in people. My head is no longer dominated by self doubt and I continue to see Seri to help me maintain the balance, space, and mindfulness that I need for good self care. What I love about Smiling Wellness is that it isn’t a one size fits all program. Seri gets to know you and tailors her many skill sets to fit your needs. Her wholistic approach to healthy living goes far beyond just diet and exercise. She is a mind, body, and spirit champion.


Happy Ovations



"When I started this 90 day journey I didn't have high expectations because I know myself... at least I thought I did. After the first session I could tell this was something different.  I immediately began to feel hopeful about myself again.  Seri guided me to discover my high energy foods, which I quickly discovered, were not lattes and blueberry muffins.   I learned better sleep habits and that I have a choice in everything, even my thinking. I've also learned that being healthy is a process and I am now committed to that process.  I am so grateful to have strolled down this path with my coach.  Thank you, Seri.  I am a different woman and I am worth it!"



"I found working with Seri on a range of challenges, goals and dreams so helpful to me in continuing the path of living life to its fullest. Seri is a knowledgeable and supportive guide in whatever you need to accomplish. We have worked together on such subjects of sorting out a closet, courage to say "yes" or "no",sugar addictions, mortality, budgets management, social goals and overall wellness both in body and spirit. I highly recommend anyone who is trying to live better and get everything that life has to offer them, to work(and laugh) with Seri. She is passionate,funny,caring and respectful. A good time is had by all!"



"I always anticipate with pleasure the time with Seri because she creates a "safe space'" together in which I can consider "things that matter".  We begin each session with joyful gratitude for the "positives" in my life.  "Negatives" are then reframed as simply challenges for growth. I like that Seri facilitates my discovering larger goals which are meaningful to me, and then she encourages me to think of small, action-oriented "first steps" which trigger in me an energy that moves me toward the desired larger goal.  She always reflects back to me new ideas & insights that have arisen for me, & she reminds me later of those same awarenesses.  I see her as kind of a "mid-wife", assisting my process of birthing a clearer vision of wise, healthy ways to live my life."



 came to her in the throes of anxiety and depression, which channeled itself into endless eating and sinking deeper into a sense of self-loathing. I had no awareness of what I was eating, and I had no idea where to start. When I started with Seri, I thought I was going to be just learning the art of eating healthfully, so as to supplement a very much needed lifestyle change. Boy, was I wrong. Although I learned so much more about eating healthfully and mindfully, I learned a lot about applying mindfulness to all aspects of my life, including how I viewed myself and how I could choose the various paths in this journey called life.An ever flowing fountain of positivity, humor and relatability, Seri made getting out of the rut I was in a little easier. She tailored her life coaching to me and my struggles, and I have come out a more aware and open person. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to bring balance and awareness back into their lives.



One of my favorite qualities about Seri (there are many!) is her ability to champion others through positivity.  Since working with her as my health coach, I have been amazed at how she has helped me view myself, my health, my body image and how I live my life, in a more positive way.  While my tendency is to feel guilt and shame when I am not "perfect" she has helped me choose to see the growth and the gains while still setting goals for areas that need strengthening. She provided me with a great set of visualization tools that I know I will continue to utilize in my continued health journey.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Seri.  It can sometimes be scary to trust someone with the inner workings of your health and wellness thoughts and behaviors.  Seri made me feel at ease from our first conversation and I knew that this was a space where I wasn't being judged. Instead, this was a space where I was uplifted and supported on the path to finding my best and balanced self. 

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"All I require is meat. Though said in jest it summed up my eating habits and food thoughts before Seri Johnson entered my life. I ate out 3-4 times per week, made pasta and burgers and corn dogs and you get the picture.  Then marriage, then slow progressions and talks about maybe more veggies, maybe less meat, how about no soda, or maybe less pie. It was slow and it was perfect and it was all delicious.  Seri has opened my eyes and life to feeling better, eating smarter, thinking more clearly and all while not being preachy or snooty. We then decided to vegetarian route was for us. (Actually Lacto/Ovo Pescetarians, to which I always asked, "What are we again?  Egg eating Episcopalians?) I have lost almost 30 pounds just by being smart and applying what she has taught me.  Life is great, skin is clear, love is in the air and I really don’t just require meat.      



"I have tried many dieting plans, and honestly all of them worked in one way or another, but I was never able to keep the weight  off, in fact I often gained the weight back and then some.  Working with Seri at Smiling Wellness was a completely different experience for me.  We explored my motivations behind wanting to lose weight, why I craved certain foods, introduced new foods and experiences to my daily life, and all while discovering knowledge that applied to me (not a one size fits all diet plan).  I no longer crave fast food, exercise has started to become something I want to do and my weight has started going down in a heathy natural way!  Smiling Wellness was a time for me to put my needs first, and explore my weight lose options in a supportive and individualized environment, allowing me to make my whole self healthy: my mind, my spirit, and my body.



Seri chose a perfect name for her business in Smiling Wellness; she approaches coaching  sincerely, enthusiastically, generously, and with what feels like her whole being. But Seri isn't just heart. She is incredibly intelligent, and she applies her intuitive smarts diligently and interactively to create for each client a personalized Energy Transformation program which explores individual goals and needs and then addresses them creatively, with tools that can continue to be drawn upon long into the future. And because Seri herself truly desires smiling wellness, she actively, but not perfectly, pursues it alongside you. Rather than pretend to be the superhuman coach, she embraces her own humanity, becoming a delightful and comforting companion on the journey who learns alongside her clients, and from them. Smiling wellness, indeed.