Meet your Journey Coach

Hey, Seri here.  I have been on a transformative wellness journey since my teens.   A self proclaimed recovering emotional eater/food addict, I've spent literally decades, finding peace on my plate & in my life. Years spent as a professional actress, I've become attuned to the intricacies of human behavior, not only of my own but also to those around me.  I am astutely connected to the human spirit, have deep empathetic listening skills & good sense of humor.  

In mid 2015, I felt an itch to experience a more expanded peaceful joyous life in mind, body and spirit.  In doing so, I discovered a new calling.  I began embracing a new identity as a Coach. My journey to self discovery happens to have been through my relationship with food.  (See the book page) ...and it led me to the wonderful life I live today. This is my journey....


  • I was drawn to Health Coaching first so naturally I am passionate in sharing my love of REAL food and the art of body acceptance and intuitive eating.  June 2016
  • With the addition of the NLP Practitioner Certification, I unveiled my deeper passion, the unveiling of REAL human emotion as I released the mental holds of envy, money angst and fear/doubts in several areas of my life.  October 2017
  • Life Coaching was a delightful add on certification as I realized my gift is to inspire others to live a REAL joyous, peaceful and fulfilled existence. February 2018
  • Hypnotherapy  education allows me to connect with the deepest parts of my heart/soul to live more joyously. October 2018

Certifications & Education

Health Coach


Holistic Health Coach Certification from the Health Coach Institute (see inspiration page) Working with clients to listen intuitively to their own bodies and soul driven purpose, incorporating REAL food and true opened awareness to habits and behavioral loops that are keeping them stuck.  Our bodies are amazing and meant to be healthy. 

NLP Practitioner


Through Local Minneapolis School, IntraAwareness (see inspiration page) Seri earned certification as Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP assists understanding how the human mind works & allows the release of limiting patterns, behaviors & old programs by reprogramming (upgrading) the mind to run more efficiently to make everyday life a smoother ride.

Life Coach


Seri obtained her Life Coach certification also through the Health Coach Institute.  Through conversation, attuned listening and powerful questioning sequences, clients learn to take responsibility for their lives.  Practicing steady & consistent affirmative action allows for slow transformative change.  By releasing mental stuck points & gaining awareness-clients have the key to open their own doors to Self Actualization. 



In Late 2018 Seri earned her Hypnotherapist certification through IntraAwarness.  Hypnotherapy creates a bridge of communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.  Clients report this relaxed state of focused attention as an ideal inner atmosphere for gently clearing problems while connecting with a resourceful state of solution based behavior and thoughts.  

Coming UP NEXT

I will be beginning and my Plant Based Certification Course though E-Cornell in Mid July, 2019 to complete by September of 2019.  

...Other Training Tidbits..

  • Seri also has a B.A in theatre from University of WI-Eau Claire 
  • Certificate of Completion in Musical Theater from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC.